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Begin with the Beginning

Windows Tutorials and Help Pages

COMPUTER TUTOR's Windows Introduction and Tips and Tricks http://ctutor.com/tips.htm

Great site for those inexperienced Windows users that are just starting out. While not indepth on any topic, it touches on topics from the absolute beginning of how to START, to bits about the Taskbar and Shortcuts. Nice page to print and give to a friend who just brought home their computer today!

Installation Instructions

WinZip and Programs in 95

My own instructions for installing programs in Windows 95. Includes installing Winzip.

Internet and Computer Tutorials for the Newbie

Internet Beginner's Guides & Tutorials
A great list of several guides and tutorials to help you get started on the Internet and learn your way around!

Introductory Tutorials

Getting started on the Internet isn't easy, but is increasely important. Don't be left behind because you think it's too hard, these tutorials can help you become an Internet wiz.
Internet 101: Beginner's Handbook http://netforbeginners.about.com/cs/internet101/a/inet_handbook.htm
Table of Contents:
Internet 101: Overview
Techno Glossary of Internet Terms
Equipment Checklist: What You Need to "Surf" the Net!
"What are Plug-ins, and Where Do I Get Them?"
Using Internet Explorer 5 and 6
Using Mozilla Firefox Browser, Instead of IE
IE Browser: Running Multiple Windows at Once
"How Do I Control My Favorites and Bookmarks?"
"What Are The Good Search Engines"?
Searching 101
"What is a URL"?
"Family Internet: Where Can I Go For Safe Family Content?"
Email 101
Viruses 101: Basic Defense Against Nasty Programs
Spyware 101
Multimedia 101
Instant Messaging 101
Internet Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs")
The Four Layers of the World Wide Web
"How Do I Download Music? Is It Even Legal?"
Converse With Other Internet Beginners Online
Netiquette 101: Using Abbreviations in Email and Chat
Internet Emoticons and Smileys
Meeting People on the Internet
"What is eBay? Is It Safe To Buy There?"
Brock Wood's Home Page
I have sent many friends to Brock's pages for instructions on unzipping and ftp instructions. He has other helpful information also, like adding sound to your web page, an FTP tutorial, and some great links. So be sure to visit if you are a beginner and need some help.

NetSquirrel by Patrick Crispin

Patrick wrote an absolutely excellent tutorial on everything related to the Internet. It's now a few years old, and gone away. Fortunately, he still does lots of articles and presentations to help new users out. He not only helps with the Internet, he has helpful articles on computer basics like Securing Windows, privacy issues, slow computer maintenance. Visit his site, and you will be glad you did.
The Internet Tourbus
Run alternately with his Cohort above, Bob Rankin and Patrick have a world reknown newsletter and an excellent website that has many things but my two favorites are the archives of his newsletter (which you should subscribe to!) and his Best Of Everything pages http://www.internettourbus.com/best.html which have 'the best' links to sites in MANY, categories from the A's of almanacs, anti-spam, anti-virus, astronomy, and auctions to the W's of weather, webmaster, women, and word fun.
the Internet Public Library

Now that you know a little bit about how to get places and things to do once you get there. This site will help you get to lots of places. They have links to tons of subjects such as arts, business, education, entertainment, and especially great links under Computers for learning more about computers and the Internet!

Web Design and More

Web Page Authoring Resources

Professional Web Design

Great place for learning anything related to your home page. I highly recommend the Basic HTML "So, you want to make a Web Page!" tutorial . I send people to these guys' tutorials over and over again. Whether you want to do just a basic page or work up to doing tables, frames, forms, or even Javascript, you will find a tutorial here.




References for study/writing/etc

Online Full-Text Resources


Links to Other Internet Sites


Ivy Tech's Links to the Community


UIUC Writer's Workshop


Writing Resources


APA Style Guide


Copyright, Citing Web Sources, Netiquette


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Citations to Electronic Resources


Citing Electronic Sources - MLA


General Lesson Links

And here is my 'general' listing of Educational and Help links.

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