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First, I have been happily married for nearly 35 years (well nearly all that time was happy :) Marcus, my husband, has turned out to be the most excellent choice in mates I could have ever hoped for. I have 3 wonderful children, two boys and a girl. Todd, 34, Eric, 31, and Karen, 24. They have each given me many joys and troubles as their lives progressed, but all-in-all, they have been great successes in my eyes. And since other people have commented on them all, many times over, I believe they must be successes in the eyes of the world, too. I think with those four things to my credit, a happy marriage, three well-raised children, I could ask for nothing more out of life!

It would be rather redundant for me to discuss my hobbies and interests here, since it's rather obvious that if I like it, I make a web page about it. There are only a couple things I would list here, simply because I have not gotten a web page up on them yet. I have enjoyed many camping weekends doing what is referred to as Pre 1840 Re-enactments or Rondevous. When I put that page up, maybe I'll explain how I came to be named "Evening Butterfly" or maybe not :) Another thing I have enjoyed, which sprang from that hobby, is jewelry making. While I'm not a silver or gold smith, I have made a great deal of beautiful jewelry as a simple jeweler using parts and pieces. Maybe someday I can get my photographer son to take some photos of some of my better pieces for me, who knows.

That's about it, folks. For anything else about me, just explore my site and you will know. (And if not, you probably don't need or want to know :) Have a great day! And thanks for stopping by.


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