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What a Wonderful Circle I Will Weave

I believe in God, the Father. Jesus Christ, the Son. And the Eternal Holy Spirit.
Three separate yet one singular entity.

I believe in the Bible as The Word of God,
The beginning, the end, and the Truth.

I believe that if I read it hard enough,
God will answer all my questions,
Comfort all my fears, and guide all my steps.

I believe in God's Amazing Grace.
That Jesus Christ bought my salvation.
And that He is the only way to Heaven.

I do not believe that works or deeds or wealth or fame,
can buy my way to Heaven.

But by doing good works and deeds,
I may become more like Christ, the image of God.

And only by becoming a better Christian,
Will I accomplish this.

God is so loving, caring, and forgiving,
That if I strive to be more like Him,
I will in turn become closer to Him.

And, yes, what a wonderful circle I will weave;
The closer I get, the more I become like Him,
The more I become like Him, the closer I get!

I attend Brenneman Memorial Missionary Church and am a member of the Missionary denomination.There are links to all manners of Christian sites, some good, some slightly off base. I'm neither wise enough nor saintly enough to tell the difference for myself sometimes, let alone someone else. So, I'm not going to give you many links. I would like to share my church's site, and the Missionary denomination site, along with a few others that I have visited.

My Church's Web Site - Brenneman Memorial Missionary Church
Official Website of the Missionary Church Denomination
A Bible search - Bible Gateway
Promise Keepers - An organization to help men on their path to becoming better christians.
e-Sword - A good, free, Bible program.

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